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B.D. Stellmacher,Jr.

Artist | Graphic Designer | CEO

Benford D. Stellmacher, Jr. born a native of Hartford, Ct. moved to Virginia in 1992 to attend Hampton University where he received his Bachelors of Architecture. In January 2010, Ben made a quality decision to explore another facet of his creative side and returned to Tidewater Community College to acquire an A.A.S in Graphic Design with an emphasis in Advertising Layout. Intrigued with design, Ben later acquired his M.S. in User Experience Design. 


Benford "The Storyteller" Stellmacher is committed to having conversations through canvas to inspire, influence and impact the hearts of all those that view his work.


"It is not that we should experience the world, but rather it is the world should experience the greatness of who we are through the gift that God has given us"


Darian Wilson

Artist | Graphic Designer | CEO

Darian Wilson was born and raised in Hampton, Va. As a young man, Darian found his gift when he put pencil to paper. As he began to develop his skills and talents he expanded his creativity to canvas paintings and murals which ultimately led to other creative exploits with artistic mediums such as airbrushing, spraypainting, mosaic tiling and other multimedia endeavors. While refusing to keep his gift to himself, Darian challenges every creative individual to not only embrace their imagination and individual creativity but to put it on display for the world to see.

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